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Bed bugs infestations -Welcome to pest control blog of Kenya’s leading finest

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best bed bugs fumigation services & bed bugs control services, bedbugs control Nairobi Kenya with all its Nairobi Kenya bedbugs control services, Mombasa bedbugs control services, Kisumu bedbugs control services & general bugs extermination services guaranteed. Jopestkil-Kenya’s provision of perfectly trusted, approved & licensed by the Pest Control Products Board of  Kenya offers professional guaranteed bedbugs control services, bedbugs extermination services, bedbugs elimination services, bedbugs eradication services in Nairobi Kenya.

What Causes a Bed Bugs Infestation? How Common Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are found in temperate and tropical climates worldwide. The insects are most commonly found in living quarters where their host resides. Bedbugs generally hide in the seams and crevices of bed mattresses and box springs, bed frames, headboards, upholstery, old furniture, closets, and in spaces underneath baseboards or behind loose wallpaper. Clutter and disarray also provide additional hiding places for bedbugs. Bedbugs may be transported from one location to another via luggage, furniture, clothing, and used mattresses.

Bedbugs, although they are often associated with unsanitary living conditions, bedbug infestations also occur in clean, well-maintained living quarters, including five-star hotels and resorts. Bedbug infestations have been increasingly reported in hotels, dormitories, homes, apartments, nursing homes, cruise ships, shelters, jails, and hospitals anywhere humans are present. There have been several cases pointed worldwide involving litigation because of infestations of bedbugs, and thus bedbugs are considered a public health pest by several agencies.

Bed bugs -worldwide infestations of bedbugs had been common; however, best bedbugs elimination can be  introduction of effective formulation products meant for bedbugs, bedbug infestations becomes much talked about and common discomfort amongst the society as a whole. The recent resurgence in infestations of bedbugs worldwide is thought to be related to several different factors, including the increase in international human travels, dense urban living conditions, insecticide resistance, and new, ineffective pest control measures.

What Are Symptoms & Signs of Bedbug Bites?

Bedbugs infestations -The symptoms and foremost of a bedbug bite are usually mild when present, and often

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individuals will not experience any symptoms at all. Bedbug bites can occur on any exposed part of the body, with the face, neck, arms, and hands being areas commonly affected. The signs and symptoms can appear from minutes to days after the initial bite. Affected individuals will usually complain of continuous itching and reddish-colored skin welts, which may look like a flat welt or a raised bump. Sometimes, the lesions can be found in clusters or in a linear pattern. Typically, these skin lesions will go away after one to two weeks.

Bedbugs to individuals who experience repeated bites over time may have more pronounced symptoms. Some people may also develop scarring or a skin infection from intense scratching of the skin. Rarely, a more severe systemic allergic reaction to a bedbug bite may develop. Some individuals may develop insomnia and anxiety from serious or repeated bedbug infestations.

Bed Bugs Sneaks Unnoticed, Infesting Anywhere

Bedbugs sneaks, pesky bedbugs has found its way in most posh estates in Kenya and the unseen bedbugs war has begun. The battle between humans and bed bugs has started. Soon an ally will be transported in and the

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enemy will expand its army to thousands within a matter of months. One single bedbug female will produce more than five thousand bed bugs in six months – they are capable of laying one to seven eggs after each feeding. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and to the chemicals emitted by the human body and survive off human blood which makes a senior housing facility the perfect battleground. With so many people around and so many always coming and going, it’s practically an all you can eat buffet for these pests. These bugs can often escape detection for long periods of time in senior housing. This is because bed bug bites may take a few days to appear after feeding, and with so many issues that arise on a resident’s skin, bed bug bites can be mistaken for a skin rash or some other natural malady. Some people may not react to a bite at all making it hard to connect that there is a common factor to the bug bites.

To identify bedbugs presence sucking actions:


In Kenya, mainly visitors, such as family, friends, and doctors, school going kids coming in and out of senior housing makes transporting and spreading bed bugs easy. Some common ways these pests can be carried in and out of the facility are through:

  • Clothing

  • Luggage

  • Furniture

  • Bedding, such as sheets and pillows

  • Gifts and other packages

Spending time in common sitting areas and occupying a room where bed bugs are present are also ways bed bugs can be spread and shared.                                                                                                                        

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As the infestation goes unnoticed, bed bugs will begin to reproduce and take over the facility. If this becomes the case, relocating residents to a different area while the infestation is treated can be a stress on both the staff and the residents; and the good reputation of the facility can become damaged and hard to regain.

It is important to check for signs of bed bugs in a place like this before it gets out of hand.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for when you do an inspection:

  • Cast/shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons, or shells

  • Fecal stains on mattress and bedding

  • Blood stains on sheets & duvets

  • Bed bug bites

  • Itchy sleepless nights to the host body

How Do Bedbugs Feed?

The most active time for a bedbug is about 1 hour before sunrise – the peak time for feeding. However, they will try to feed at any time of day or night if they are hungry enough, and if the opportunity is there. They

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prefer night time and hate sunlight somewhere exposed.

Bedbugs reach their host either by crawling straight towards them, or climbing a wall and then across the ceiling until they feel a heat wave, then they jump down onto their host. The bug is attracted to us by both our warmth and the presence of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in our breath.

Bebdugs pierces the skin of its host with two hollow tubes. One tube injects saliva which contains anesthetics, so that the host feels nothing, and anticoagulants so that the blood flows out freely. The other tongue tube sucks the blood in consistently.

Bedbug feeding takes 2-5 minutes, after which the bug returns to its hiding place. Bites are not noticeable by the host until at least a few minutes or some hours afterward.

Bedbugs will feed every 5 to 10 days. They can, however, last for several months without feeding. If there is no food around they can become dormant for over a year. A well-fed bedbug has a lifespan of about 6 to 9 months.

Do Bedbugs Transmit Diseases?

There is no record of a disease being transmitted or caused by bedbugs.

Bedbugs researchers & review conducted found that while they are highly resistant to various ways of getting rid of them, bedbugs seem to be more of a nuisance than a serious health problem, but the possibility that they could one day serve as a vehicle for disease has not been well researched. However, bedbugs are not currently known to transmit any diseases.

The biggest risk for humans comes from secondary bacterial infection, which in this case would be as a result of scratching the skin. Scratching, if it breaks the skin, allows bacteria to penetrate – but the bacteria would not have been from the bedbug.

Although they are not known to carry diseases, bedbugs can affect the quality of life of a person who has been bitten, causing distress, discomfort, embarrassment, and unsettled sleep.

Bedbugs Infestation Control

Bedbug nymph ingests a blood meal from a human host. Since they can hide in so many places, they are not easy to eradicate. It is advisable to get Jopestkil professional bedbugs extermination services immediately.

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Jopestkil experts know where to look for them, as well as how to get rid of them.

You can also get help from us the professionals by removing excess clutter from your house, giving the bedbugs fewer places to hide; this makes inspection and eradication less difficult.

Some pest control companies may request that furniture is pulled away from walls, and mattresses and box springs stood on edge before they come in, while Jopestkil preference is everything to be left where it is so that we can check before moving them to other locations.

If any of these signs appear, it is important to notify and talk to the Jopestkil-Kenya the professional bedbugs control handlers fast before it results in crisis.

Bed Bugs Control! Did You Know That Jopestkil

Guarantees effective bedbugs perfect extermination & removal services instantly for longer.

Provide fast, safe, instant sole best solutions against bedbugs infestations.

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Precisely will provide the best pest elimination solutions of bedbugs instantly for longer. Call us and start sleeping well again. Jopestkil-Kenya pest control company is proud to service Nairobi County ,Karen, Muthaiga, Museum Hill, Parklands, Nairobi west, Westlands, Loresho, Ngong, Kitengela, Kileleshwa, Rwaka, Kilimani, Embakasi, Nairobi South C, Nairobi South B, Industrial Area, Nairobi CBD, Tigo, Runda, Dolnhom, Buruburu, Embakasi & Nyayo estates, Eastlands, Langata, Kahawa west, Zimmerman, and others not mentioned.
Certified, licensed and proven bed bugs extermination, elimination, eradication Kenyan Pest Control company.

Bed Bugs Treatment Preparation Instructions To Residential Homes & Commercial Clients In Kenya


Bed bugs extermination -Prior to general bedbugs extermination treatment preparation of your home or commercial premise, DO NOT move any furniture or belongings from its original location

Simple Bed bugs Control in Nairobi & Fumigation Pest Control Services Fumigation Pest


to another location within your home or premise instead leave them intact as they were. Only in the kitchen area, cover the open food stuffs and the rest we assure you to be done safely professionally. Doing so…. removing, moving, disturbing furniture, mattresses, curtains, beds, carpet floors, pictures and decors this may infest non-infested areas of your home or premise and further disturbance of the surfaces (areas) to be worked on. All clients to take note on this simple pest control instructions.

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