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Pest control services in Kenya

bed bugs control services



How You Got Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infestation -If you’ve ever gone to bed with clear skin but have woken up to find yourself covered in

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small red bumps, you know the pain and discomfort a bed bug can create. Although these bumps could have technically come from any number of bug insects, the most common reason is from a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs -These annoying pests can populate quickly, and soon you have a full scale infestation on your hands. This often leads people to wonder how they even got these pests in the first place. Everyone would like to think that they keep a clean house that would never be home to bed bugs, but the truth of the matter is that bed bugs can happen to anyone, regardless of how clean you keep your home. It does not matter if you are rich or poor thus bed bugs do not discriminate.

Bed bugs! Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even with proper preparation, you may not be able to completely exclude yourself from the risk of bed bugs, but you should be able to take certain precautions to limit your risk. Here are some of the most common ways that homeowners acquire these pests.

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  • Purchase of Used Furniture

    Bedbugs infestations -Most people are privy enough that if they are buying a used mattress, they inspect it thoroughly first for any sign of bed bugs. However, these pests being called a bed bug is a bit misleading. Bed bugs are very good at attaching themselves to clothing and going to other areas of the home. In addition to your bed, they may end up in couches, chairs and other pieces. Therefore, if you are purchasing anything second hand, you need to check it out thoroughly first.

  • Guests in Your House

    Bedbugs infestations -If you have a guest spending the night at your place, then it is entirely possible that they are bringing bed bugs with them. Again, the bed bugs may be on their clothing or in their luggage. If your guests are crashing on the couch or using your sheets, the pests can attach themselves, and you are the one ending up with the problem.

    Although it is nice to offer friends and family a place to sleep while they are visiting town, it is best to protect yourself. To do so, you can ask or inquire your guests if they have bed bugs before they enter your house. They may not even realize they have them, but it never hurts to check. You should also consider investing in some high quality bed bug covers for protection purposes this for when your guests come to stay.

  • Sleeping Somewhere Else

    Bed bugs infestation -Conversely to the last point, if you spend a few nights at a friend’s place or even at a hotel, then you put yourself at risk of getting bed bugs. For friends, it helps to ask whether they have pests, and if they do, you should definitely make accommodations elsewhere. If you are staying at a hotel, then make sure to check reviews first to see if they have a history with the bedbug pests. If you find yourself stuck in a hotel room that has bed bugs, do not hesitate to alert the hotel management and ask for another room.

  • Working at Other People’s Homes

    Bed bugs infestations – You may have a job that requires you to visit other people’s houses. Like plumbers, pest

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    control operators, cable technicians, nannies and health care workers may need to drive to various houses throughout the day, and at each place, you are putting yourself at risk of coming in contact with bed bugs. It does not take long for the pests to attach themselves to your clothes or bags. Even if you only sit on the sofas for a few minutes, they may cling themselves to your clothes, and then you end up bringing them home with you.

Bedbugs infestations -These are typical ways that people end up with bed bugs. However, many people are completely clueless about how they got the pests. Some people have never bought used furniture, have not slept anywhere differently recently and work at a clean office and still somehow find themselves dealing with a bed bug infestation. Sometimes there is no obvious answer, but there are still steps you can take to try to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

Ways to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

Bedbugs -You should not cancel your next vacation because you are afraid of getting bed bugs. You do not have to be overly paranoid, but a little bit of healthy skepticism never hurt anyone. If you are concerned

bedbugs control services


about contracting these pests, then follow a few simple rules to prevent these bugs from taking over your home.

First, if you are going to be spending the night at a hotel or friend’s place, inspect the area carefully. Pull back the sheets and look for the bugs within every nook and cranny, including mattress seams, bed frames, pillows, and even on the wall. This can be a bit of a challenge because bed bugs tend to be nocturnal, so you may not see them in the middle of the day. However, you may see certain things the bugs leave behind such as molted skin or small, pin-sized blood stains. In the event you do see bugs, inform someone at the hotel or the owner of the house you’re staying in. You should absolutely make different accommodations.

Once you come back from your trip, wash your clothing thoroughly. All worn clothing should be kept in sealed plastic bags so that any bed bugs are unable to escape. Once you get back home, put the clothing in the washer on the highest setting. Do the same thing with the dryer. If you do not have these appliances, then it can be wise to take your clothes to the nearest dry cleaners.

Bed bugs may not necessarily be attached to your clothes. They may be hidden away within your suitcase, backpack or whatever luggage you have. Vacuum the insides of these bags immediately after you unpack. Additionally, you may want to hand wash your bags with hot water and use plenty of soap. Store your bags in an empty closet or your garage to keep them far from your clothes and furniture.

Inspect used furniture carefully before bringing it home. If you are buying any used clothing, then it would be a very good idea to wash it before wearing it or putting it away in your closet. The same rule applies if you are buying any used soft furnishing, including curtains.

Bed bugs do not discriminate. You could be buying used sofas from someone who seems like the cleanest guy

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in the world. Bed bugs may still be on it, and you need to take the proper steps for your own benefit. The only thing bed bugs care about is being near a host that provides them with their meal of choice that’s blood. With a few simple steps, you can do a lot to prevent yourself from acquiring these bothersome pests. However, if you do get a bed bug infestation, get rid of them as soon as you can and do anything and everything to prevent you from spreading them to others.

Bed bugs infestation control by Jopestkil Kenya:

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Jigger Menace in Kenyan Communities & Control


Jigger Infestation, Jigger Control, jiggers elimination services, jigger eradication program.

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JIGGER CONTROL -Cutting the fleas out of the foot and soaking it in alcohol or another disinfectant is the only way to treat the disease once an infestation has occurred. Cutting out the jiggers is a painful process, and often all the jiggers cannot be removed in one sitting. In Kenya, an estimated 1.4 million infected persons (translating to four per cent of the total population) suffer from jigger infestation. They leave most victims unable to walk, work, or carry out any activities such as going to school. Areas of Uganda, Tanzania and other African countries with similar climates also have large areas of infestation.

Jiggers control in schools, jiggers control in rural areas, jiggers control in communities remains a hard nut to crack, but can be eradicated if tackled well.

The female jiggers burrow into the skin, usually of the hands and feel, and lay egg sacks which can grow up to the size of a pea. The jigger flea continue to multiply by laying more eggs, causing an infection which leads the body to become ulcerated and inflamed. It can also cause lymphangitis- a swelling of the lymph nodes, as well as gangrene, tetanus and blood poisoning. Victims often lose their toenails and are forced to have their digits amputated. While in small numbers jiggers are not deadly, the secondary infections such as gangrene and tetanus can be fatal.

There is also a social stigma and shame associated with the victims of jiggers which causes them to hide the problem, making it worse. Patients often use the same scalpel or pin to cut out the jiggers, therefore infections such as HIV/Aids are passed from person to person. Jiggers also burrow into the skin of animals like dogs, cats, rats, pigs, cattle and sheep, so people living in rural areas are likely to catch them. But they are also found in the dust and on dirt floors of many homes and schools.

For a complete eradication of the bug, thorough fumigation of homes, schools and animals need to take place. Charities in infected regions also encourage the local populations to wear shoes and observe cleanliness to prevent future infestations.


Jiggers are small chigoe fleas that live in the dust, and are found on the dirt floors in schools and the homes of many families in Uganda and other similar climates. These

jigger fleas control


parasitic insects cling to livestock and transfer jiggers into homes primarily in rural areas. The female jiggers burrow into the surface of skin that has been exposed to the flea.

Jigger flea -once embedded in the body, the jigger lays eggs and creates up to pea-size egg sacks and continues to multiply by laying more eggs. These wounds are painful, and cause difficulties for victims in daily activities such as walking, playing, and attending school. The infection can lead to severe inflammation, ulceration and fibrosis.

Jigger -It can also cause lymphangitis, gangrene, sepsis, and the loss of toenails, amputation of the digits, and death may also occur. There is also a social stigma and shame associated with the victims of jiggers which causes them to hide the problem which makes it worse. While jiggers in small numbers are not deadly, the secondary infections (gangrene, tetanus and other diseases) caused by jiggers can be fatal.

Jiggers infestation remains to be a pinching problem in local poor communities as a result of poor living standards. For real Jiggers need an utmost care which is quite expensive for the poor to reach at. Once there occurs an infestation in the household the better remedies are very high for the poor. I say it’s upon the counties to plan and have a vivid program to check on the jiggers not eat into our communities while we observe in silence. Take a stand against this…remember we are all present in Kenya…

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Bed Bugs Information | Bedbugs Control In Homes,Schools,Institutions

BEDBUGS -How to Look For Bed Bugs Step-by-Step

Nairobi Kenya bedbug control servicesIf you follow these instructions, step-by-step, you will be just as likely as to find bed bugs as a professional.

Start with the bed.

bedbugs control services in Nairobi


Bedbugs -This is the most likely place you’ll find bed bugs because they like to hide close to where they feed. Here’s how to find bed bugs there:

  1. Carefully pull back the bedding and look for signs that bedbugs have been around like blood spots and fecal stains.

  2. Thoroughly check the mattress, paying particular attention to edges, seams and air holes. If possible, turn the mattress on its side to inspect the under-side too. Bed bugs are more likely to be closest to the head of the bed, but make sure you take a look at the foot end of the mattress too.

  3. Do the same with the box spring. You may have to cut or remove the gauze “protector” on the underside of the box spring to take a good look inside – but you need to do this (unless it’s not your bed, of course). Box springs are the best bed bug hiding place, so spend extra time doing a really thorough inspection here. This is where a flash light and magnifying glass become your greatest allies. Pay special attention to wooden joints, corners, screw holes and staples. The wooden slats make a very attractive place for bedbugs to lay their eggs and the area where the cover is attached to the frame is a favorite hiding spot too.

  4. turn your attention to the head board and bed frame. Remember to really look closely at any grooves in wooden headboards and pay attention to corners and joints. Don’t forget to pull the bed away from the wall and inspect the backside completely too.

Next, try to find bed bugs in any upholstered furniture.

This includes sofas, love seats, recliners, easy chairs and chaise lounges. Here’s how to find bed bugs in these items:

  1. Carefully remove all cushions and pillows and inspect them one by one. Paying attention to seams, tufts and piping. Also examine the zippers closely this is another common place for bed bugs to hide and lay their eggs.

  2. Look in and around all the seams of the couch or chair itself. Don’t forget to lift up any skirting and check the underside – focus especially on pleats in the fabric and the seam that attaches it to the piece of furniture.

  3. Pull it away from the wall to inspect the back side as well.

  4. If at all possible with the help of a friend or partner, lay it on its back side to inspect underneath/inside just like you did with the box spring.

Now, turn your attention to the night stands and dresser to see if you find any bed bugs there.

  1. Take everything out and put it in a large garbage bag or plastic tub with a

    bedbugs control in Kenya


    cover to reduce the possibility that they spread if there are bed bugs in those items.

  2. Pull the drawers completely out, one – by one, and thoroughly inspect each one inside and out. Remember to check underneath as well. Like the headboard and frame, pay close attention to the corners, joints, screw heads and any grooves where bedbugs might like to hide or lay their eggs.

  3. Next, check inside, behind and underneath the piece of furniture itself. I think you know what I’m would say here about, corners, joints and crevices…


⇒Precisely will provide the best pest elimination solutions against bedbugs instantly for longer. Call us and start being free from these bedbugs invasion. Jopestkil-Kenya bedbugs control company is proud to service Nairobi County ,Karen, Lavington, Mugoya, Muthaiga, Museum Hill, Parklands, Nairobi west, Westlands, Loresho, Ngong, Kitengela, Kileleshwa, Rwaka, Kilimani, Embakasi, Nairobi South C, Nairobi South B, Industrial Area, Nairobi CBD, Tigo, Kabete, Ruaraka, Runda, Dolnhom, Buruburu, Embakasi & Nyayo estates, Eastlands, Langata, Kahawa west, Kahawa Sukari, Zimmerman, and others not mentioned.

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BED BUGS CONTROL  –It’s a time when the school year ends and families take to the road

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traveling long distances. Whether you’re planning to spend the festive season traveling or staying close to home, this is the season when bed bugs can be especially active or even come home with you from a vacation trip. Here’s what you need to know to keep bed bugs under control anywhere in Kenya.

Bed bug facts

  • Bed bugs primarily feed on humans, but may also feed on birds, mice, family pets, and other warm-blooded animals.

  • They can lay one to five eggs a day, or more than 500 in a lifetime.

  • Bed bugs can survive for several months without eating and withstand temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • They draw blood for about five minutes before retreating to digest and can ingest seven times their own weight in blood.

  • Their hatch lings are so small that they can pass through the tiny hole made by a single stitch in a mattress.

  • Bed bugs in the nymph stage.

How to identify a bed bug

Adult bed bugs are about a quarter of an inch in diameter. They look like a flat apple seed or lentil. They are brown, or may appear reddish after feeding. Bed bugs do not have wings.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. The nymphs are white or tan and are difficult to spot, but adults can be seen.

Bed bugs infestation advice for travelers

Increased human traffic traveling have been cited by the professional pest management practitioners as one of the main reasons there’s been a resurgence in bed bugs in recent years. With major reported cases of bed bugs in hotels and motels. Here’s how you can help ensure that bed bugs aren’t traveling home with you:

  • To keep bed bugs from nesting in your luggage, put it in plastic trash bags or some type of protective cover while you’re in a hotel and don’t put your suitcases on the beds.

  • Thoroughly inspect your entire hotel room before you start to unpack, including the furniture and behind the headboards.

  • Pull back the bedding and check box springs and mattress seams for pepper-like stains that may be evidence of bed bug activity.

  • If you think there’s an infestation, immediately notify the hotel’s management and change rooms. Get a room that’s not directly below, above, or adjacent to the infested room.

  • When you get home, inspect all of your belongings and suitcases before you bring them inside.

  • Wash all of your clothing, including items that have not been worn. Use hot water and an extra-hot setting on your dryer.

Call Jopestkil professional bedbugs control for fast solutions

Bedbugs infestation -Many people hesitate to call Jopestkil-Kenya bedbugs control company when they have a bed bug problem, but these pests have nothing to do with how clean or well-kept your home may be. Do-it-yourself methods, however, are not only ineffective — they can actually drive bed bugs deeper into their nesting sites.

Jopestkil-Kenya bedbugs control offers caring, professional service for bed bug problems. Our trained technicians know how to find and identify these pests, and eradicate them with a comprehensive plan that includes precise inspections and re-inspections. Also offers preventive and curative bedbugs control services countrywide Kenyan county’s.


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instantly for longer. Call us and start sleeping full & well again. Jopestkil Kenya bedbugs control company is proud to service Nairobi County ,Karen, Muthaiga, Lavington, Mugoya, Museum Hill, Parklands, Nairobi west, Kabete, Kahawa Sukari, Westlands, Loresho, Ngong, Kitengela, Kileleshwa, Rwaka, Kilimani, Embakasi, Nairobi South C, Nairobi South B, Industrial Area, Nairobi CBD, Tigo, Runda, Dolnhom, Buruburu, Embakasi, upper & lower Kabete estates, Thika, Nyayo estates, Eastlands, Langata, Kahawa west, Kahawa Sukari, Zimmerman, and others not mentioned.
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Bedbugs Treatment Preparation Instructions to Residential & Commercial clients in Kenya


Bedbugs control services -Prior to general bedbugs control treatment preparation of

bedbugs control services


your home or commercial premise, DO NOT move any furniture or belongings from its original location to another location within your home or premise instead leave them intact as they were. Only in the kitchen area, cover the open food stuffs and the rest we assure you to be done safely professionally. Doing so…. removing, moving, disturbing furniture, mattresses, curtains, beds, carpet floors, pictures and decors this may infest non-infested areas of your home or premise and further disturbance of the surfaces (areas) to be worked on. All clients to take note on this simple pest control instructions.

Bed bugs Control Services in Nairobi-Kenya

Bed Bugs Found In Posh Housing Facilities in Kenya Welcome to pest control blog of Kenya’s leading finest best bed bugs fumigation services & bed bugs control services, pest control Kenya with all its Nairobi-Kenya bedbugs pest control, Mombasa bedbugs pest control, Kisumu bedbugs pest control & general pest extermination services guaranteed. Jopestkil-Kenya’s provision of […]



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