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Kenya’s leading finest best fumigation services & pest control services, pests control in Kenya with all its pest control services in Nairobi, pest control services in Mombasa, fumigation services in Mombasa, pest control services in Kisumu & general pest extermination services in Kenya with guarantee on every service rendered. Jopestkil-Kenya’s provision of perfectly trusted, approved & licensed by the Pest Control Products Board of  Kenya-PCPB. The professional guaranteed fumigation services, pest control services, pests extermination services, pests elimination services, pest eradication services.

Jopestkil Serves The Following Areas

Don’t take matters into your own hands. Hire an expert from Jopestkil Pest Control. Our team possesses the skills and know-how for every pest infestation situation you are faced with. We do a

pest control services


thorough job to prevent the recurrence of infestation that causes health hazards and inconveniences.

The few most nuisance pest to remove from your home is bed bugs and cockroaches. We have perfect control treatments resulting to eliminations. Call us today and rid your home of pests.

⇒Jopestkil-Kenya precisely will provide the best pest elimination solutions against pests instantly for longer. Call us and start being freefrom pests invasion. Jopestkil-Kenya pest control company is proud to service areas of Nairobi County ,Karen, Muthaiga, Museum Hill, Parklands, Nairobi West, Westlands, Lavington, JKIA, Loresho, Ngong, Kitengela, Kileleshwa, Rwaka, Kilimani, Embakasi, Nairobi South C, Nairobi South B, Industrial Area, Nairobi CBD, Tigo, Runda, Dolnhom, Buruburu, Embakasi & Nyayo estates, Eastlands, Langata, Kahawa west, Zimmerman, and others not mentioned.

⇒Certified, licensed and proven pests extermination, pest elimination, pest eradication Kenyan pest control company.

Pest control problems! When seeking a pest control company to do real pest extermination, you should look for a stable company with experience and a solid reputation that cares about their customers. It is my experience that companies that rely more on service and reputation to obtain their customers, give you more personalized attention because they need you to be from pest infestations.

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Jopestkil Kenya Pest Control Company Business was established in the year 1997 by PCO – Dr.John,

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Pr.Richard, Mr. K. Arum and Mr.Edward. After having experience in the pest control industry for many years through training and work assignments in a private firm. We decided to start our own pest control company and specialize in provision of fumigation services of private homes, commercial premises, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals and many other institutions providing cockroaches control services, bedbugs control services, termites control services, ants control services, spiders control services, rats control services, flies control services, fleas control services, bats control services, mosquitoes control services, woodworms control services, feral cats control services and many other related technical pests management services. Basically the fumigation of structural and common household based pests.

Over the years the business grew and both of us worked full time consistently in the new firm of fumigation and pest control. We maintained and increased client base and provided perfect expertise services to grow our business through referrals and repeat business which made it to be a trusted operator.

We still run the business and it has grown to a level where it is constantly growing and employing staff, but still maintaining the family business values.

Today, Jopestkil Pest Control provides customized services to all commercial premises, private homes and residential houses. Undoubtedly when you contract Jopestkil Pest Control to take care of your pest infestation matters, you will rest easy and have a clear piece of mind knowing that the job has been done at the highest possible level with the best modern state of the art technology approved fumigation products.

Philosophy Guidance

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Jopestkil Kenya pest control expert, is an industry leader in providing environmentally safe, reliable, effectively fast and superior services in order to protect our clients health, food and property. We offer the highest standards of professionalism and performance furthermore committed to total customer satisfaction. Our success as a company relies on the work ethic, integrity, knowledge, innovation, image and dependability of our technicians and we give the highest respect to these qualities. We strive to continuously produce the safest, fastest effective, most efficient technologies through innovation and ingenuity at all times. 

Get Rid of Pests in Your Business

Partnering with Jopestkil is a wise investment for exterminator services and to ensure your business is protected against damaging pests year round. Our pest control programs include pest inspection, pest identification, structure and sanitation consulting, customized pest treatments, pest monitoring, pest reporting and pest preventative measures.


Jopestkil technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in advising and

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communicating with our customers, they are the future success of our firm and as such we are committed to ongoing training and investing in their personal and professional growth. Our success as a company relies on the work ethic, integrity, knowledge, innovation, image and dependability of our technicians and we give the highest respect to these qualities.

Jopestkil-Kenya’s professional pest control company image is essential to its success, and the way our customer perceives our image is extremely important and we strive to look and be the best in the industry.

Jopestkil’s objective is to satisfy all its client’s needs through high quality, excellent services that reveals value for money. We are attuned to our customer’s needs and we are undoubtedly committed to provide effective services to protect our clients’ families, properties, pets, and the environment.

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Pest control services -Jopestkil provides guaranteed pest extermination services mainly cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, spiders, ants, feral cats, fleas, mosquitoes, rats, snakes, mites, geckos, bees, flies and others not mentioned.

Jopestkil-Kenya winning strategy & success

Jopestkil Attitude: We believe that success is only achieved if a win relationship is implemented in all our business dealings. Success is based on long term relationships leading to co-operation.

Our People: The greatest asset of any organization is its people. We understand this principle and concentrate on our efforts to growing even more valued expertise services in the market.

Valued System: We believe in that life is only a series of better results. To achieve the results decisively through perfect services and deservingly.

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Brand Name: Our brand names: JOPESTKIL-KENYA readily explains itself as professional fumigation and pest control operator. Our brand name implies that we are in a class of perfect performers and unique. We offer our clients complete comfortable piece of mind whether in what level of infestation and type professionally.

Guaranteed Services: Our expertise services are ever guaranteed for both residential homes and commercial pest control.

Jopestkil-Kenya Pest Control Management Approach

Jopestkil Pest Control provides superior pest control services to all commercial and

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residential clients for managing various structural and the common household based pests which majorly causes deadly diseases such as salmonella, malaria, plague, dengue fever to name a few. And also are destructive to properties like the creepy termite and bats infestation pests.

Jopestkil provides fresh and innovative approach to pest control industry in Kenya to cater the specific requirements of our clients up on the target. Our service is based on the principles of Integrated Pest management (IPM) and Indoor Residual Spraying right from the inspection stage to implementation or execution by trained pest management experts. We provide our clients with modern industry standards and practices, consultation services, to ensure they feel secure and their premises, private homes, residential homes and the environment are protected by specialists.

Pest control services…please feel free to ask us any issue relating to our services because our promise is to understand what most you need and deliver the perfect best suitable solutions deserved…

Once you have suspected, detected and realized any pest infestation in commercial premise, private homes or residential do not hesitate to call us before it results in crisis and destruction.

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pest control services




pest control services


pest control services


Pest control services can be paid online with various major credits cards, over the phone transactions, cheques and other modes of e-money payments…