services & pest control services, pests control Kenya with all its Nairobi Kenya pest control, Mombasa Kenya pest control, pest control in Mombasa, Kisumu Kenya pest control & general Kenya pest extermination services guaranteed. Jopestkil-Kenya’s provision of perfectly trusted, approved & licensed by the Pest Control Products Board of  Kenya professional guaranteed fumigation services, pest control services, pests extermination services, pests elimination services, pest eradication services.

Pest control -Jopestkil-Kenya the fumigation & pest control company, also avails Nairobi Kenya pest control services /Mombasa Kenya pest control services /Kisumu Kenya pest control services for residential homes & commercial clients to their respective door steps. Jopestkil-kenya’s focused pest control in residential homes and commercial properties includes guaranteed cockroaches control services, bed bugs control services, bed bugs FAQs & extermination services, termites control services, bats control services, snakes control services, rodents-rats & mice control services, feral cats control services, fleas control services, flies control services, mosquitoes control services, mites control services, spiders control services, jiggers control services, birds control services, ants control services, bees & wasps control services, pantry pests  control services, moths control services, woodworm control services, general pest spraying and other related technical pest management services.

Pest Control Guarantee

Pest control services guarantee, a handshake and a promise still mean something! We also


understand that when you spend your hard earned money on something, you expect it to be the finest best results! That is why we use the most advanced, effective, and safest pest control products on the market. That is also why we guarantee all services rendered both to commercial businesses and residential homes.

Pest control guarantees, we are committed that we will use the highest quality products in and around your home. This guarantee ensures you will receive a service that utilizes cutting edge product technologies and techniques that keep your family, properties and pets safe. Our environmentally reliable pest control practices are the safest, most effective means of ensuring your families protection, as well as eliminating harmful impact on our environment as a whole.

Pest control guarantees that if you notice a return of any pest problems between your regularly scheduled services, we will return fast and treat as needed the problem areas at no additional cost to you that’s free follow ups. At Jopestkil pest control we pride


ourselves in our customer service. Our number one priority is to ensure you are getting the perfect best solution against target infestations instantly for longer.

Pest control guarantees, we are to do what we say we will do! This means that we will control all of the pests in and around your home that you have hired us to take care of, and we won’t quit until we have solved your pest infestation problems.

Pest control services, we guarantees that we will not raise the price of our services for the duration of your service agreement with us. Furthermore, Jopestkil pest control hates raising prices of our services for any clients. We guarantee that in the extreme case that we ever raise the cost of our service for any of our local customers, it is because we simply have to do so to avoid taking a loss on your account.

Pest Control Services Why Jopestkil Kenya

Pest control services -Jopestkil-Kenya provides finest best pest management services for both commercial and residential homes. The valid guarantees we offer includes:  



-3 month guarantee                                                                                    

-6 month guarantee

-1 year guarantee

-2 year guarantees available

-4 year guarantee

Jopestkil-Kenya will do extermination against various pests infestations on the first visit if there maybe a re-infestation we do a corrective repeat. The specialized fumigation and pest control services we do consists of comprehensive preventive and curative treatment services of cockroaches control, bed bugs control, termites control, mosquitoes control, ants control, spiders control, rats control, flies control, fleas control, feral cats control, bees control, snakes control, lizards control, carpenter bees control, jiggers control, birds control, moths control, pantry pests control, woodworm control and other related technical pest control management services.

Got any pests infestation issue in the middle of the night? Just give us a call – we’re available round the clock. We can also visit you as per your schedules for any pest infestation.

Fumigation done safely in a short time
Our low-toxicity formula is much safer around your family, so we only need you to be out of the house for initial treatment then after the operation you can safely resume averagely after one hour against general crawling insects control.

Jopestkil-Kenya technicians will also provide information and safety data sheets on all our treatments and procedures, and we’ll keep you informed of the expected outcomes for different pests. We are also more than happy to provide pest control advice to help you stay pest-free for longer.


⇒Jopestkil-Kenya guarantees all its pest control services & expert pest exterminator services-get our pest control offices when in Nairobi,Kenya Mombasa,Kenya & Kisumu,Kenya .
⇒Jopestkil-Kenya provides instant solutions for various public health nuisance pest infestations in residential homes or household based & commercial premises.
⇒Jopestkil-Kenya provides fast access & easy payment affordability to its pest control services countrywide Kenya- get ready for our pest control services when in Kisii county, homa bay county, Kakamega county, busia county, bungoma county, vihiga county,


nyeri county, muranga county, narok county, nandi county,  mumias, kitale, eldoret, nakuru county, embu county, kikuyu, machakos county, kitui county, kilifi county, malindi, siaya county, nyamira county, kericho county, narok county, trans nzoia county, meru county, mombasa county, nairobi county, kisumu county, bomet county, baringo county, kiambu county, nyandarua county, uasin gishu county … or call and schedule our expert solution services.

⇒Jopestkil-Kenya have all expertise needed and follow ups to all services done.
⇒Jopestkil-Kenya will get back your comfort to be in pest free habitats.
⇒Jopestkil-Kenya guarantees removal of Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Bats, Termites, rats, fleas, flies, feral cats and more structural pests etc.
⇒Jopestkil-Kenya will save you time and safety of your family, workers, property and clients responsibly. Get pest control material safety data sheets- MSDS. ⇒Precisely will provide the best pest elimination solutions against pests instantly for longer. Call us and start being free from pests invasion. Jopestkil-Kenya pest control company is proud to service Nairobi County ,Karen, Muthaiga, Museum Hill, Parklands, Nairobi west, Westlands, Loresho, Ngong, Kitengela, Kileleshwa, Rwaka, Kilimani, Embakasi, Nairobi South C, Nairobi South B, Industrial Area, Nairobi CBD, Tigo, Runda, Dolnhom, Buruburu, Embakasi & Nyayo estates, Eastlands, Langata, Kahawa west, Zimmerman, and others not mentioned.

⇒Certified, licensed and proven pests extermination, pest elimination, pest eradication Kenyan pest control company in East Africa.








Cockroaches & spiders control -“It was a pleasure doing business with Jopestkil-Kenya!!! We engaged with Jopestkil-Kenya because our house was invaded by cockroaches and spider webs. We loved the formulation they used because it had a low toxicity and the smell… Kennedy was able to come within a very short time and also they were armed for the full treatment. After the process he gave us a twelve-month guarantee and I’m confident that if any cockroaches or spiders reappear Kennedy will be happy to come back and re-apply another treatment. More so the formulation they used was such a fast instant killer in that when we stepped inside the sprayed house roaches were all scattered allover the floor and this continued for almost two weeks killing consistently. We would recommend Kennedy to all of our family, relatives and friends also to anyone else… great work with various pests problem solution!!”

Dr. Augustine Tana

KALRO Kisumu


Bats control -One day I opted to get an expert over bats problem in my rural home. I called on Jopestkil-Kenya Pest Control.  The technicians who visited my home are professionally dressed, pleasant-speaking, and show genuine concern about how the general applications are working. They also show appropriate care with chemicals handling procedures.

“My home was infested that high level. When several times I could make some visits normally as a home owner I could only hear bat noises, stinking bad odour, rooms covered with bat guanos. What a hell to stay in such a messed up place. This is when Jopestkil came in.


Truly they gave me a perfect service treatment to eradicate the bats menace. After initial treatment and removing the guanos, they also gave me a guarantee of up to three years safe period.  Its now past five years without any other sign of re-infestation at my roof or entire house.

I say thanks to Jopestkil-Kenya especially Kennedy the experienced exterminator as the administrator. Am pleased and will pass Kennedy to anyone else to do the same.

I never thought we would be free of bats, but thanks to you and your dedication we are now free of them. Thank you all very very much and I wish you all the best.

Benjamin Wambui, Machakos County


-Guarantees Bat removal solutions instantly for longer.

-Provides perfect bat exclusion services for both residential & commercial clients.

-Provides Safe, effective, reliable bat solutions services to residential homes & commercial clients.

-After bats extermination, elimination, eradication. Jopestkil-Kenya cleans infested surfaces including removal of dead carcasses and the bat guano.

-Preparation is simple, but implementation remains our concern of bat free structures. Do not hesitate to contact us on +254 723 362 334 for more information on bats control services, bats extermination services, bats elimination services, bats exclusion services, bats curative and bats exclusion services.


My Bed Bug Horror Story! Total embarrassment!

Bedbugs control -To this day I still feel the shivers down my spine just revisiting and  clearly thinking about those flat, reddish brown, wingless insects turning fat, swollen, and reddish just as I became their next meal night after night. Horrible little pests feeding on blood that are able to survive without food for up to a year. Hiding, lurking, sucking nomads. They are usually active when you sleep, rest and latch onto your luggage as well as belongings when you stay at your house, a hotel, or anywhere .But it’s got nothing to do with being dirty or clean infests anywhere.


So if maybe you believe your home is immune, safe from bed bugs, you better think twice again. I personally found out the hard way firsthand how these little critters can be brought into your home via yourself after traveling or visitors staying in your home or school kids as agents. In my case it probably started for me was my little kid either picked them up from some kids at school or they came through the walls from a neighborhood.

The bed bug problem multiplied fast and got out of hand quickly. See, I learned that bed bugs love to spread and multiply like flies in the wild so my whole unit was soon a giant hangout and nightly feeding frenzy for the bugs, plus it took me months and several lost shillings  to some fumigation companies. Before I finally committed myself to Jopestkil-Kenya Pest Control as a trial and error.

When the team of Jopestkil-Kenya came to operations I found something that actually worked which was both safe and affordable. I monitored their work for almost a week resulting to a confirmation that my house was completely safe from these critters. Till now am free from these bugs…. I say thanks a lot ….contact Jopestkil-Kenya to solve all your bug infestation problems.

FREE OF BEDBUGS! FREE OF BEDBUGS! I will survive. As long as I have known you Kennedy from Jopestkil-Kenya expert pest infestation handlers.

Professor Benson Nafula



Termites control -the estimate was done by Jopestkil-Kenya, an actual licensed termite inspector, Jopestkil Kenya termites exterminator company.  After they arrived they will tell you what needs to be done, the costs in details.  I had thought we needed to tent the place, and that it would take care of the problem with one massive dose of poison, but since we had both subterranean and dry wood termites, it would still have required a separate treatment because the gases used in tenting will not penetrate the ground to kill the subterranean termites as well.  It would have been both more costly and less effective to tent use, which is something none of the other estimators mentioned when they gave their quotes for the fumigation that I assumed would handle everything positively.  

As they came, they do their own work with the treatment involving many experienced technicians. Companies that do their own work using familiar employees are more invested in backing up their guarantees of quality service on a personal level. Along those lines, it does seem that they are all very close and like a family within their company; it seems they take good care of their employees and take pride in the work they do. 

Jopestkil technicians are so great; they even make up for their own experience to the whole situation of termites infestation task taken care of.  I had started investigating estimates some 5 years ago and never got around to following up on them, but I had been leaning towards other local operators after that first round of quotes back then, thanks to reviews here on local advertising & marketing sites.
Jopestkil-Kenya was the only company to offer the EXTREMELY USEFUL termite elimination services, the effectiveness of which was notably REMARKABLE too.  


Termites control all told, I cannot say enough good things about Jopestkil-Kenya to get close to what they deserve.  These days many pest control operator companies feel that we owe them our hard earned money regardless of the quality of service they provide thanks to the lack of competition in many markets. I don’t know if this is still one industry that has enough diversity within it to motivate that extra bit of attention to detail, but whatever motivates these guys to take such pride in their work, I am grateful for it. I rarely feel such peace of mind in trusting that any business is more interested in the product or service they provide for its own sake rather than the maximization of the profit that they make from it.  I feel that this is one company that stands by what they do and genuinely wish to do it better than the rest and get perfect termite guaranteed exterminator services  

Termites extermination thanks so much to Kennedy and his colleagues at Jopestkil-Kenya, and apologies that my review has taken several months to get written, as they deserve the accolades in spades. I am delighted with the work and the process of having it done was made so much less stressful thanks to the wonderfully accommodating and helpful attitudes of the staff at Jopestkil-Kenya pest control.  All the thumbs up in existence to you folks!!    Would happily refer any friend to this company for this sort of work.   

Pest control services…Please feel free to ask us any issue relating to our services because our promise is to understand what most you need and deliver the perfect best suitable solutions deserved.

Once you have suspected, detected and realized any pest infestation contact Jopestkil-Kenya the renowned pest control expert before it lands in crisis and destruction.


Fumigation services -be comfortable our pest control services can be paid online with various major credits cards, over the phone transactions, bitcoins, cheques and other modern modes of e-money payments…