Effective pesticides for bedbugs in Kenya
Effective pesticides for bedbugs in Kenya

Pesticides For Bedbugs: Check out the types of pesticides used for bed bugs treatment. Jopestkil Kenya Best Effective Pesticides For Bedbugs Control uses these top pesticides for their bed bug treatment service.

Bed Bugs are among the toughest creatures to get rid of once they find a place in our homes. Sometimes small enough to be missed by the human eye, they feast on human blood and reproduce at lightning speed, which makes them more threatening than most other insects. They don’t carry diseases, but they bite humans and ensure you will be without a good night’s sleep for a long, long time. Now, there is a whole list of pesticides for bedbugs that can be used to get rid of these creatures, some which can be used ourselves and some only by licensed pest controllers. However, it’s recommended that you let the exterminators do their job.

1) Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids

These are among the most common compounds used to get rid of bed bugs, while also being used to eradicate other indoor pests. Pyrethrins are botanical insecticides made from chrysanthemum flowers, while Pyrethroids are synthetic chemical insecticides that are made to act as pyrethrins. Both are capable of killing bed bugs but recently, some species have begun showing resistance to such compounds. If so, Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids should be mixed with other pesticides for bedbugs.

2) Desiccants

The way that this compound works is that it breaks down the outer layer of the bed bugs, causing them to slowly dehydrate and eventually die. Note that desiccants take advantage of physical weakness in bed bugs, which means that they cannot become resistant to this method of killing them, unlike other pesticides for bed bugs treatment. Desiccants are also used for other purposes, so ensure what you’re using is labelled to use for bed bugs only. Examples of desiccants for bedbugs include boric acid and diatomaceous earth.

3) Biochemicals

Biochemicals are basically related to chemical processes and substances which occur within living organisms. So far, cold-pressed neem oil is the only registered biochemical that can be used as pesticides for bedbugs. The seeds from neem trees (found in Asia and Africa) are literally pressed to get this oil. The oil, in turn, contains compounds that can be used to kill bedbug adults, nymphs and eggs.

4) Pyrroles

Pyrrole is a colorless organic compound that is a volatile liquid which darkens readily upon exposure to air. Again, the only registered pyrrole that can be used as pesticides for bed bugs treatment is chlorfenapyr. The compound is a pro-insecticide. This means that it’s metabolized into a pesticide for bedbugs once entering the bug’s body. The new chemical hurts cellular functions in the bed bug’s bodies, causing eventual death.

5) Neonicotinoids

As the name suggests, Neonicotinoids is a synthetic form of nicotine which continually acts on the nicotine receptors in a bed bug’s nervous system. It causes the nerves to fire continuously until they ultimately fail, causing death in the insect. Again, bed bugs cannot build resistance to this pesticide. Now that you know the various types of pesticides used for bed bugs treatment, you can decide which one to use. Or you could even use a combination of a few. Most of these pesticides for bedbugs are available at home improvement stores. However, it’s advisable to let the mange such tasks.

Jopestkil Kenya Best Effective Pesticides For Bedbugs Control is one of Kenya’s top bedbugs control brands and they can get the job done. Call 0723362334 to book a service. You can get all specifics on the website too. These packages are competitively priced, starting at affordable service period. This includes two services. Remember, this also comes with a one year warranty period to ensure your home is always protected from these parasites!

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