Caterpillars are the larval stage of members of the order Lepidoptera. As with most common names, the application of the word is arbitrary, since the larvae of sawflies are commonly called caterpillars as well. Both lepidopteron and symphytan larvae have eruciform body shapes

Caterpillar Pest Management Service

Jopestkil Kenya Pest control provides not only effective but also affordable Caterpillar pest control in Jopestkil Kenya. We provide service to residential as well as commercial property. To get rid of the caterpillar, inspection is the first and also the foremost step. As a matter of fact, the caterpillar can be difficult to control. Kids and skin sensitive peoples need to careful because Caterpillars affect your skin. They may require professional treatment hence Jopestkil Kenya pest control is here to help you in controlling caterpillars. Jopestkil Kenya professionals will provide you the information regarding Caterpillar Infestation Symptoms. We at Jopestkil Kenya, remove caterpillar from your site using caterpillar killer spray. Caterpillar infestation can be treated effectively by our professionals with 100% results.

In the first place, we at Jopestkil Kenya Pest control perfectly understand the difficulty and also health threat that you can experience as a result of the caterpillar infestation. This caterpillar infestation also causes discomfort to pregnant ladies and infants too. We offer customized insect control solutions to deal with your problems too. Moreover, Caterpillar is mainly found in the terrace, garden area, balcony and hence it creates hectic for everyone. Jopestkil Kenya pest control gives you the solution for How to control Caterpillar using herbal methods as well as pesticides.

How to control Caterpillar in Kenya?

At the larva or caterpillar stage, it is the Cankerworm and Gypsy Moth that ferociously feeds and defoliates on leaves of hardwood trees. When these caterpillars fall off the trees in abundance and into our homes and buildings, making them a very unwelcome sight. Their defecating and excrement activity contributes to the mess of spawning webs and other debris. We at Jopestkil Kenya use, Caterpillar killer spray is used to remove caterpillar from your site. Kids and skin sensitive peoples need to careful because Caterpillars affect your skin.

Caterpillars are moth larvae or butterflies, members of the order Lepidoptera. The described number of organisms in caterpillar is over 110,000.

Why do moths and caterpillars affect your skin?

Many caterpillars and moths have evolved hairs and/or sharp spines, which can be directly annoying or capable of transmitting various toxins, to protect themselves against predators.

Direct contact with the offending species is important for causing a reaction in most cases. Occasionally the annoying hairs may be removed and scattered by winds, causing great reaction outbreaks in humans. Such hairs can also cover coconuts, eggs (transferred from female moths’ abdomen), or other items of the environment. Hair from certain species, such as the oak processionary caterpillar, is safe for at least one year in the climate.

Many individuals may experience allergic reactions to different caterpillar and moth species.
In extremely rare cases, spurs can enter human skin on the legs of large moths and inflict stings, dermatitis or urticaria.

Moreover, rare moth species, from the genus Calyptra, will bite human skin to feed on blood.

Skin problems caused by moths and caterpillars?

The number of people affected worldwide is hard to measure because many of the reactions are mild and are not reported to health authorities.
Many populations of Lepidoptera become abundant in summer leading to “epidemics” of adverse reactions. Reactions such as summertime dermatitis outbreaks from gypsy moth caterpillars. We remove caterpillar from your site using caterpillar killer spray. Additionally, the most recorded information is that children’s exposures to caterpillar and moth are more.

Caterpillar Infestation Symptoms

Below are the Caterpillar Infestation Symptoms from caterpillar hairs to different parts of the human body. Jopestkil Kenya professionals will provide you the information regarding Caterpillar Infestation Symptoms.

EYES, MOUTH, NOSE, AND THROAT: Drooling, Pain, Redness, Inflamed membranes in the nose, Increased tears, Mouth and throat burning and swelling, Pain, Redness of the eye


RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Cough, Shortness of breath, Wheezing

SKIN: Blisters, Hives, Itching, Rash, Redness

WHOLE BODY: Pain, Severe allergic reaction(This is rare). Additionally, a combination of symptoms including itching, nausea, headache, fever, vomiting, muscle spasms, tingling in the skin, and swollen glands. This is also rare.

Caterpillar Pest Control by Jopestkil Kenya Pest Control

We exterminate infestations by using insecticide spray in the structure’s problematic areas. Moreover, this is mainly an outdoor operation, so there would be no need to vacate the inside premises.

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