commercial pest control services in Kenya
commercial pest control services in Kenya


commercial pest control services in Kenya
commercial pest control services in Kenya

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On any given day, Jopestkil pest control professionals are charged with protecting our customers’ health and their properties from insects and rodents. Now as whole communities are forced to stay in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our job remains of utmost importance.

Pest Control Is an Essential Service in Kenya

Pest control services have been mandated by the PCPB as essential and we cannot agree more. We know Nairobi, Mombasa Kisumu residents are spending more time at home with their families, without a proper pest management plan in place, the threat of insects and rodents invading their homes will only grow.

Pest control is even more critical in urban areas. Pests that relied on trash from restaurants and other local businesses now working on a small scale or completely shuttered, are searching harder and farther for food. The lack of pest control services and the increase of pests will only result in a perfect storm for infestations.

As we mentioned in a previous blog about pest control and how COVID-19 is affecting services, the threat of pests is both inside and out. For example, mice and rats only need a small crack to slip through and once indoors will remain sheltered in your home, eating from your kitchen and using undisturbed areas for their bedrooms and bathrooms. Rodent droppings can carry infectious disease and the damage they inflict on electrical wires, drywall, and other building materials can be extensive and costly to fix.

Another example of pest problems capable of having serious consequences are ticks and mosquitoes. Since the pandemic is preventing people from moving too much, many are turning to their backyards for exercise and relaxation. Unfortunately tick and mosquito activity is increasing daily and with them, the threat of tick-borne disease and even diseases spread by mosquito bites. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and encephalitis are just a few of the illnesses spread by the bites of ticks and mosquitoes.

The regulation agency PCPB said this about the current situation, “Homeowners may see pests in new and different places during this period of change. Pests are known to adapt easily to changes in their environment and are already quickly adjusting to our new normal.”

Not contacting a pest control company at the first sign of an issue or worse, cancelling pest control services, could have serious repercussions affecting health and property.

How Jopestkil Is Continuing Its Mission to Protect People & Property

During these uncertain times, Jopestkil will continue to serve our residential and commercial customers. It will just look a bit different. Here’s how:

  • We’ll practice social distancing

  • We’ll wear personal protective equipment

  • We’ll provide exterior service only (unless it is necessary to come inside and then we’ll continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines).

For those who are not a current customer of Jopestkil but have discovered a pest problem in or around their structure, we say call us! We’re still here, still ready to serve our neighbors by providing the absolute best pest control in Kenya when in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu as well as several other counties in Kenya.

Providing pest control services for carpenter ants, fleas, rats, bats, mosquitoes, mice, bat bugs, bird mites and termites, carpenter bees and paper wasps and other pests that infest properties in Kenya, Jopestkil is the local pest control company to call! Commercial fumigation services in Kenya commercial pest control services in Kenya Nairobi Mombasa Kisumu Jopestkil company.

Industries We Proudly Serve Includes:

  1. Property Management

Pest problems can lead to unoccupied units and where there are no tenants, there is no income. Jopestkil Pest Control has partnered with property management firms in Nairobi to effectively control pest populations in and around their office buildings and other managed properties.

  1. Hotels & Hospitality

When you partner with Jopestkil, we’ll make sure insects and rodents see the no vacancy sign. And because bed bugs are a serious threat for the hospitality industry, Jopestkil offers proactive bed bug control solutions including weekly or monthly inspections, mattress encasements, and active guard liners. Our pest control company also provides education and training seminars.

  1. Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

People visit the doctor to improve their health, not to risk it. At Jopestkil Pest Control, we have worked extensively in the healthcare industry, protecting hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, behavioral health and recovery service facilities from insects and rodents. Let us protect your patients, employees and visitors.

  1. Warehouses & Industrial Facilities

Pest problems in warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities contaminate products, threaten employee health and safety, and compromise the operations. Jopestkil Pest Control understands how insects and rodents affect industrial facilities and work with owners, managers, and staff to implement solutions that deliver lasting results!

  1. Multi-Family Housing Complexes

Bed bugs and cockroaches spread like wildfire in multi-family housing units. Jopestkil’s pest control services for multi-unit housing facilities focuses on eliminating these bugs and other pests that infest apartment complexes, townhouses, and condos as well as other multi-family housing units. Don’t let your property be overtaken by pests, trust Jopestkil to evict your unwelcome tenants.

  1. Retail Operations

Insects and rodents aren’t looking for sales when they infest shops, department stores, chain stores, boutiques and other retail facilities. They’re looking for food and shelter. Jopestkil’s retail pest control solutions focus on eliminating pest activity, correcting conditions that attract them in the first place and safeguarding your customers and employees, products, and your brand.

  1. Restaurant & Foodservice Facilities

Don’t let cockroaches, rats and other pests shut down your restaurant or foodservice facility. Partner with Jopestkil for comprehensive foodservice pest control to target insects and rodents in restaurants, bars, delis, food processing, and other foodservice businesses. Our commercial pest control technicians will make pest activity doesn’t land you in hot water with the Department of Health.

  1. Schools & Educational Facilities

Send pests straight to detention when you contact us for your school’s pest control. Our team will customize a pest management solution that eliminates health and safety risks associated with pests while adhering to our state’s laws regarding IPM in schools. We’ve successfully partnered with public, private, and charter schools as well as colleges, universities and daycare centers.

  1. Many Other Types of Businesses & Industries In Kenya

In addition to the industries featured, Jopestkil Pest Control provides pest control services for churches, entertainment venues, and other types of businesses. If you don’t see your facility or industry featured, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a solution for you. Simply give us a call 24/7.

Commercial Fumigation Services, Commercial Pest Control Services.

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